Big brands and not-so-big agencies – 5 reasons why it’s sometimes smart to go small.

1. Big isn’t always better.

Sure, big agencies have lots of people, resources and acres of office space. They also have a big bureaucracy with lots of stakeholders, multiple levels of approval, longer lead times, higher rates and (often) a holding company that must be fed. Regularly.

2. Small and simpatico.

A small agency is where a flat organization structure, flexibility, accessibility and cross-department collaboration are the norm. Everyone contributes in an environment where multi-tasking isn’t just expected, it’s assumed. The agency principals are reachable and accountable from start to finish. And that creative director in the new business presentation? She’s still on the team, working passionately on your business.

3. Streamlined and speedy.

Structured without the layers of management that slow a larger agency down, the little guys can often react quicker and turn projects around faster. And that’s a marketplace advantage any brand could use.

4. Focus, focus, focus.

Smaller, boutique agencies often specialize in an industry: retail, healthcare or hospitality for example. Or a specific marketing discipline: digital, direct mail, packaging or video. That fixation on core competencies means you can put the right team of specialists on the right brand initiative.

5. They like you. They really like you.

You’ll never get lost in a small agency. After all, you’re a much larger slice of their revenue pie – and that doesn’t go unnoticed. Expect extra responsiveness, a full tilt immersion into your brand and a delightful tendency to over deliver.

As you might suspect, we’re from the not-so-big side of things. Centerpoint is a small agency in Chicago with an oversized focus on retail marketing, photography and video. Want to learn more? Contact Lauren Chatman at